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Alabama is in the news and on the run, and 87-year-old Chester Alvin, perhaps best known for his tuba, has died. Jeff was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and was blessed with a good child who was molested by his mother and a great father. He played lead guitar and keyboard in a band at the age of thirteen and then worked as a radio host for a local radio station before securing a broadcast licence. Jeff has been raising his own children for twenty-five years and Alabama is on a news run.

He also performed with Gadsden's Melody Boys and was master of ceremonies at several Grand Ole Opry shows. He played in his own Melody Boys, which featured Bill Evans and Vernon Davis, and later played with Ernest Tubb and the Texas Troubadours.

He taught music theory and composition and worked in marketing and production for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Gagliardo was also a member of Gadsden City Council and Gadden City School Board.

He was at the conference twice as a doctor, and the string orchestra presented a concert for the Alabama Music Educators' Conference. He has served as a moderator on the boards of directors of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Gadsden Symphony and Gadden Symphony.

In 2007, Lister was named Teacher of the Year by the Alabama ASTA Secretariat and inducted into the Alabama Music Education Hall of Fame in 2009. In 2007, he was named the American Association of Music Teachers' Award of Excellence for Excellence in Music Education. From March 2004 to May 2006, he served on the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Gadsden Symphony and Gadden Symphony.

After graduating from Fort Payne High School, Jeff earned a degree in electrical engineering and was named an outstanding alumni by the American Association of Community Colleges. Gagliardo earned his Bachelor of Arts in the honorary program of the university, where he graduated in Cum Laude. He has been elected to the Alabama Music Education Hall of Fame, Gadsden Symphony Orchestra and Gadden Symphony, and holds a Master of Music and a Bachelor of Musicology degree from Alabama State University and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Under the direction of Mr. Gagliardo, the Etowah Youth Orchestra has released more than 100 albums of original music and over 2,000 recordings. The orchestra has performed at numerous concerts, including the annual Gadsden Music Festival and the Alabama Music Education Hall of Fame Awards. EYO has also been selected to represent the state of Alabama at the National Music Awards and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Symphony of the Year, and has commissioned and performed nearly 40 works. In November 2007, Rolling Stone Magazine published an article about the Etowah Youth Symphony Orchestra, titled "The New York Review of Music."

In June 2012, the Etowah Youth Orchestra moved its entire operations to the temple, which has since been renamed the Music Center at the Beth Israel Temple. The Israeli athlete, who died in 1972 during the Munich Olympics, was the subject of a documentary film, "The Temple," in 1973. The film premiered to a sold-out crowd at the Gadsden Film Festival in June of that year.

The Music Centre is now home to the EYO's administrative and artistic staff and presents concerts with local and regional performers, presented by the Etowah Youth Orchestra and the Gadsden Symphony Orchestra, as well as other local, regional and international artists.

One of Jeff's favorite cities was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Alabama, where he spent seven summers playing Alabama music to various crowds. Among the locations he often played was crime - the Alabama-haunted town of Gadsden, which would later become the subject of two feature films.

During World War II, the community actively cooperated with the many Jewish soldiers stationed at Fort McClellan. As you can imagine, African-Americans, no joke, lived on the other side of the railroad tracks.

The sorority gave the temple a new organ, and the national anthem was sung by a choir of deaf children who signed the song. The music of the choir is conducted by Janice Lowi, as it has been since 1924.

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More About Gadsden