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The US Small Business Administration has begun to provide low-interest federal disaster loans to certain states in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but they have not been available nationwide in Alabama since Friday. Restaurants, breweries and bars across Alabama were ordered Thursday to serve nearly 100,000 gallons of water a day, or less than a third of what they serve at the Gadsden Covid Brewing Co., and some restaurants have decided to close their kitchens, including a cafe and Gadden's Variety Deli, in response to the decision. At burger bar Atomic Johnny's, management has decided to offer its own delivery options to keep staff on board.

Other businesses in the region hope the state will approve aid for the affected restaurants and breweries and hope for a federally approved relief fund from the federal government. Food at most Etowah County restaurants is delivered via curb options through GadsdenToGo, a local delivery service that has expanded its operations because of the ongoing situation. Some restaurants that don't offer dining options, such as Gadd's Variety Deli and Atomic Johnny's, have seen an uptick and expect them to grow. Both offer pick-up and delivery menus with special offers, such as a $1 beer and $2 wine for $5 or $4 for two, and $3 for $3 or more.

The Alabama Department of Health (ADPH) has at least 404 people working on the COVID-19 investigation response, including tracing contacts. The Alabama Incident Management System (AIMS) provides data to the Alabama Department of Health and the Alabama Office of Emergency Management (OEM) from data provided to it by facilities that collect samples for CO VID-19 and report them to the Alabama Department of Health (ADPH). AlaDOT continuously reviews and evaluates the process, including the reporting of data and their reporting in a format consistent with federal and state health and health policies.

The law requires positive or negative COVID-19 tests to be reported to the Alabama Department of Health within four hours. If the person has died, no examination is carried out, but other laboratories are legally required to report positive CO VID-18 tests within 4 hours of the death of a person under 18. For positive and / or negative CoVID 19 tests, the law required other labs to report them to the Alabama Department of Health within four hours and for negative test results within 24 hours of death.

The data in the surveillance tool includes the number of people who were tested in Alabama but did not live in Alabama. Visit the district, residence and test site that were tested for each death overall. The Alabama Department of Health, in collaboration with Apple and Google, has developed an app for notifying users of exposure called GuideSafe (tm) for iOS and Android devices. The Exposure Notification app allows you to anonymously share or notify someone who will report a positive COVID-19 test result without sharing someone's identity.

Initially, Mr Napper said, the plan was to use the outdoor terrace space at the Glencoe site to create seating for guests. A number of shops in downtown Gadsden also plan to offer sidewalk seating instead of bringing their tables back downtown. The state eventually closed outdoor seating, but not until late May.

Tre Regazzi's, which operates two sites in Gadsden and Glencoe, has seen an increase in traffic to its restaurant, where customers can drive through windows. Other restaurants said they also saw decent reactions, including the restaurant on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in downtown Gadden and a restaurant in the former Tuscaloosa County Courthouse.

The Courtyard Cafe is located in the former Tuscaloosa County Courthouse on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in downtown Gadden. The restaurant offers a delicious buffet breakfast and lunch, including the popular chicken fingers and Mediterranean fried catfish.

Customers are spoilt for choice, as there are many different dishes such as the Pulled Pork Sandwich, roasted green tomatoes and fried chicken. Customers are also served with an all-in-one touch - Mediterranean and Irish - with the popular pick-up - me - on the menu, including fried dill pickles. The restaurant is especially popular for its chicken fingers with roasted vegetables and tomatoes, as well as a variety of other dishes.

The menu includes Harps and Clovers, two traditional Irish dishes, Shepard's Pie and Banger's Porridge, which are popular with many. At the restaurant, they serve a thin New York-style crust interspersed with fresh herbs and spices, sourcing most of their ingredients from Italy.

Earth, Wings of Fire is located at 2319 E. Broad St., and customers have access to a full bar and large outdoor terraces as well as a private dining room. The restaurant and pub predominantly serves lunch, brunch and dinner, but Pruett's BBQ remains true to its brand by integrating southern culture with an emphasis on barbecues, ribs, chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs.

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