Burger King Is Now Serving a Twix Shake

Published 06-14-2019

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Candy bars and milkshakes aren't quite a classic combination, but they should be. And thanks to Burger King, a fan-favorite chocolate is now in your ice cream. Burger King is now offering a limited-time-only Twix shake, a sweet treat that features the chocolate-caramel candy bar crumbled into a blended sugary dream.

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Unless you've been living in a kale-centric, sugar-free world, you're likely pretty familiar with Twix bars. The base is a crunchy cookie topped with sweet caramel and chocolate, and two sticks usually come per one regular-sized bar.

In the Burger King shake, vanilla soft serve is blended with vanilla syrup and yummy bites of Twix bars, and the entire drink is topped off with whipped topping. As food blog Brand Eating points out, it's technically called a "vanilla shake made with Twix pieces," but we're betting everyone who wants one is just going to order a "Twix shake" and get their point across just fine.

If Twix is the top candy bar in your life, you should know that Burger King also serves a Twix pie (technically a "pie made with Twix"). That dessert features a creamy caramel whipped filling topped with crumbled pieces of Twix bars, resting on a vanilla crumb crust. The name Twix, by the way, comes from "twin bix," or "biscuits." It's just one of 20 surprising facts about your favorite candy bars.

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